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Our Mission

We bring people together to experience moments of profound connection – between cultures, generations and traditions – over delicious cups of tea.

About Paragon Tea Room

Our Story

Appreciating inclusion

The founders of Paragon are originally from Hong Kong, a dynamic city where East and West come together. Traditional and modern, old and new merge to create its distinctive culture, which embraces diversity of people, perspectives and lifestyles. We have brought this spirit of acceptance to Paragon, creating a culture of inclusion, experimentation and openness.

Our Philosophy

Innovating on tradition

Innovation and creativity are at the heart of Paragon. But tradition without innovation can become stagnation. That’s why we have embraced a modern approach to certain aspects of the culture of tea, while staying true to its roots.

We also believe that all cultures are to be embraced and connected. Embracing other cultures helps us get out our comfort zone and open our mind to new ideas and approaches. The result is a fresh and youthful take on a millennia-old tradition.

Paragon Tea Room
Paragon Tea Room