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Golden Bamboo Scoop | Chashaku

The mess-free way to measure out your favourite tea powder.

Ultimate Tea Powder Discovery Kit

Explore the possibilities of this classic Japanese Green Tea Trio

Chocola-Tea Bars

Tea-infused chocolate artisanally crafted in small batch by Melt Confectionary to indulge all tea enthusiasts

Home Cafe Essentials

Gear up for the most enjoyable moment at your home cafe


Honey Matcha Gin & Tonic

Honey Matcha Gin & Tonic We've partnered up with @bcliqourstores to concoct a...

Refreshing Hojicha Ice Cubes

Refreshing Hojicha Ice Cubes Gone are the days of a watered down tea latte. These hojicha ice cubes ensures a bold cup of tea for a longer tea-time experience. Freeze them ahead of time and enjoy an iced hojicha oat anytime. Measuring spoonLiquid measuring cupMixing...
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