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Home Cafe Tips for Creating the Best Tea Latte
We've tested these fool proof methods and found the best way to re-create your favourite tea lattes at home using our unique stone-milled tea powders. Gone are the days of watered down teas and in with aromatic, creamy and bold tea lattes!


  • Bamboo whisk
  • Chawan or shallow bowl with a flat bottom
  • Milk frother Hand held or the Nespresso aerrocino


  • 2-3 tsp Sweetener White sugar, honey or brown sugar
  • 175-225 ml Oat milk Whole milk, soy milk or almond milk
  • 50-75 ml Hot water 50ml for hot drinks and 75ml for iced drinks


  • Step 1: Preparing the tea shot
    In the chawan (flat-bottom bowl), carefully measure out the precise amount of tea that is listed on the package.
    Then pour in the hot water. Using the bamboo whisk, gently poke the tea powder until all of it is dissolved. Whisk the tea shot in a "W" shape motion for 15-20 seconds. Be careful not to scrape the bottom of the bowl.
  • Step 2: Adding your choice of sweetener
    Our tea powders pair great with white sugar, honey or brown sugar(scroll down to see our suggested pairings)
    If you don't have any dietary restrictions, we strongly recommend sweetening your tea latte to bring out the tea flavours!
    Add your sweetener after you've whisked your tea shot and whisk in the sweetener until it is well combined.
    If you are using honey, do not whisk the honey with the whisk as it will damage the whisk. Instead, use a fork to stir in the honey.
  • Step 3: The milk
    We always suggest using oat milk as it has a lower fat content than cow's milk. This ultimately allows the tea flavour to become more prominent. You are welcome to use cow's milk, soy or almond milk in your creation(scroll down to see our suggested pairings).


Sweetener Pairing (our favourite combinations to bring out the tea flavour):
White sugar: hojicha, matcha, genmaicha & jasmine
Honey: matcha, genmaicha & jasmine
Brown sugar: hojicha & roasted oolong
Milk Pairing:
Dairy and oatmilk: any of our stone-milled tea powders
Soy milk: matcha
Almond milk: matcha & genmaicha 
We hope with our tips, you’ll become an expert in your home cafe! Tag us on Instagram and #theparagonway to show us your creations.

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