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Matcha Mochi

Make your own TEA-INFUSED mochi with a side of tea dip.


Mochi Dough Mochi Dip
Water 125g/ 125ml Corn Starch 20g/ 2.5 Tbsp
Vegetable Oil 20g/ 2 Tbsp. Oat Mylk – Part I 210g/ 200ml
Sugar 50g/ 4 Tbsp Oat Mylk – Part II 50g/ 50ml
Corn Starch 20g/ 2.5 Tbsp. Sugar 40g/ 3 Tbsp.
Glutinous Rice Flour 65g/ 7 Tbsp. Stone-milled Tea Powder 6g/ 3 tsp.
Stone-milled Tea Powder 6g/ 3 tsp.

Mochi Dough

1. Add all listed ingredients for the Mochi Dough into a bowl

2. Mix well with a baking whisk until there are no lumps

3. Steam the mixture in the bowl for 15min or microwave for a total of 3min; Check the interior of the dough with a fork; if the dough is still liquidy, steam for another 2 minutes or microwave for another 30 seconds and repeat this step until the dough is set

4. While you are waiting for it to heat up, you can begin making the mochi dip (see Mochi Dip recipe)

5. Once the dough is cooked, use a spatula to scrape and fold the edge of the cooked batter into the middle

6. Put a layer of food wrap onto the surface of the batter; directly touching it so there’s no air

7. Place it inside the fridge to cool it down

8. Before placing the cooled mochi dough on top of the cutting board, wrap the cutting board with food wrap and use a generous amount of corn starch on your hands and cutting board to prevent the dough from sticking

9. Roll the mochi into a log shape and cut it into bite size pieces

10. Shape the mochi pieces into balls, drizzle with chilled mochi dip, and enjoy!

Mochi Dip

1. Prepare a small pot with room temperature or refrigerated Oat Mylk – Part I (210g)

2. Add corn starch into Oat Mylk – Part I and mix well with a baking whisk until there are no lumps

3. Put the small pot on the stove and turn the stove on to medium low heat

4. Add sugar and your choice of tea powder into the mixture and continue to whisk to emulsify the powder

5. At one point of the heating process, the sauce will suddenly thicken up. Add Oat Mylk – Part II (50g) to thin it out

6. Let the dipping sauce cool down a bit before refrigerating it

7. After the mochi dip has cooled you may drizzle it on top of your mochi and enjoy