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Astragalus Chai

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An exciting collab with a young and talented local certified Chinese medicine doctor & acupuncturist, Dr. Adrien Ip.

Each of the tea in this series is perfectly balanced with a Paragon loose leaf tea + 6 to 7 different kinds of powerful, functional TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). TCM could be an enjoyable and accessible everyday routine when combined/ formulated with tea AND it doesn’t have to “taste like medicine” at all!

Astragalus Chai

| KEY BENEFIT – Strengthens immunity defense and fortifies gut health by replenishing overall Qi and “warming up” spleen & stomach
| TASTE PROFILE – A robust, cinnamon-y spicy chai layered over aromatic, earthy notes of TCM herbs
| INGREDIENTS – Astragalus, Hispid Fig Root, Prince Ginseng, Atractylodis, Green Tea, Black Pepper, Siler, Brown Sugar, Poria, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Tangerine Peel, Fennel Seeds

The three TCM Tea blends with distinctive benefits will work synergistically for a complete overall immune boosting result. It’s recommended to enjoy these three TCM teas interchangeably on a daily basis. You will FEEL the result!



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