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Ceremonial Matcha 100g | BUY ONE GET ONE

From: $78.75

Buy One Get One | ONE ORDER = 2 Bags of 100g Ceremonial Matcha!

This Ceremonial Grade Matcha is the highest quality conventional matcha with a fine texture. It is slightly grassy and not bitter even with no sweetener. Great for Matcha shot, tea and latte.


Shelf Life – 1 year (We import this Ceremonial Matcha from Japan every month & each batch is ground as we order to ensure freshness)

Storage – Matcha is best to be stored within the resealable airtight pouch that comes with it or any solid colour airtight colour in a cool, dry condition. Transparent/ Translucent containers are not recommended. Ceremonial Matcha is best to be kept refrigerated when not in used.

Other than taste, aroma and the beautiful green hue, we chose this Matcha based on our appreciation of the ancient agricultural wisdom the farmers have for producing tea while preserving biodiversity in the region of this Matcha. Follow our IG for more stories about the unique farming practice – Chagusaba in Kakegawa, Shizuoka, Japan.