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Earl Grey Powder

From: $22.95

Perfect tools for the smoothest tea lattes!

Created for Earl Grey, London Fog, and Vancouver Fog enthusiasts, our finely milled Earl Grey powder ensures silky-smooth lattes with bold and aromatic tea flavors. No more fussing with steeping multiple tea bags and ending up with watery London Fogs. Enjoy a cafe-quality experience at home.

APPLICATION | Great for smooth and creamy lattes


SERVING SIZE | 50g makes about 15 x 12oz hot latte or 12 x 16oz iced latte; 100g makes about 30 x 12oz hot latte or 24 x 16oz iced latte

SHELF LIFE / STORAGE | 1 year (We import our tea powders every two months & each batch is ground as we order to ensure freshness). Tea powder is best stored within the resealable airtight pouch that comes with it or any solid colour airtight container in a cool, dry condition. Tea powder is best to be kept refrigerated when not in use.

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