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Hojicha Powder | Bronze

From: $20.55

Hojicha is a pan-fried Japanese green tea that is pleasantly roasty and nutty.

BACKGROUND | This stone-milled Hojicha Powder (Bronze) is milled from Hojicha using 100% first flush Bancha. The tea plantations are located on a 300-meter high ground in Mie Prefecture. The fogs and low temperature in high ground area provide a good condition for excellent tea leaves.

FLAVOUR | The powder can easily be dissolved in water for making rich Hojicha Latte with a strong roasty note. Great for people who prefer a bold and roasty tea flavour. This is also great for baking!

Origin: MIE, JAPAN

***50g makes about 15 cups of 12oz hot latte or 12 cups of 16oz iced latte***
***100g makes about 30 cups of 12oz hot latte or 24 cups of 16oz iced latte***