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Hojicha Powder Trio (100g x 3)


Perfect tools for the smoothest tea lattes!

Different tea producing regions. Different harvesting seasons. Different roasting levels.

This is a signature set that represents how the terroir of tea plantation, harvesting season and roasting process contribute to the aroma and tasting notes of each Hojicha!

Discover Three Unique Flavors:

  • AMBER 50g – Shizuoka, Japan | Smooth and Creamy Hojicha Latte with Nutty Depth and Sweet Aftertaste.
  • BRONZE 50g – Mie, Japan | Rich and Bold Hojicha Latte with Roasty Notes. Perfect for Lovers of Robust Tea Flavors.
  • OBSIDIAN 50g – Kagoshima, Japan | Indulgent Hojicha Latte with Caramelly Notes and Deep Brown Color for Latte Art.

Check out all the differences between the three hojicha powder HERE

***Total quantity is equivalent to 80-day supply***

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