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Seasonal Limited: Japanese Pine-needle Peppermint Tea 15g


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In stock

Pine Needle Tea, a wellness gem, is gaining popularity in Japan. Renowned for its rich vitamin C content, crucial for immune function and skin health, it becomes a coveted choice for winter well-being. The delightful aroma of pine needle tea isn’t just about a warm cup; it’s a natural aromatherapy treat, offering a calming effect that fosters relaxation and stress reduction. Make Pine Needle Tea your comforting ritual this winter, creating moments of tranquility sip by sip.


Our specially blended pine-needle tea, infused with peppermint, offers digestive aid and respiratory benefits, making it an ideal post-holiday feast cup and a soothing choice for sneezy days.


Embrace winter tranquility with our evergreen pine-inspired wellness blend, symbolizing longevity in Japanese culture. Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, it aids digestion, defends against winter colds, and offers a cozy, warm cup

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