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Oolong Whiskey Candle | Limited Ed.


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In stock

This holiday, embark on a sensory winter wonderland with our limited-edition Holiday Tea-Inspired Candle – a collaboration with local talents Dory @bigbluetang, the creative artist and Jeannie @lovebyollie, the candle maker.

Oolong Whiskey Candle: A blend of bay leaf, cedar wood, oak, whiskey, tobacco

Indulge in the sophistication of our Oolong Whiskey Candle, inspired by the depth of oolong tea. This sophisticated musky scent harmoniously blends nature and indulgence. Adorned with beautifully painted oak branches, the specially designed sleeve enhances the overall appeal. Elevate your ambiance with this premium candle, meticulously curated for those seeking a refined and timeless fragrance. Immerse yourself in the artistry of our Oolong Whiskey Candle, bringing sophistication to your space.

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