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Tea Latte Beginner Set

From: $44.50

Been dreaming to make a creamy, aromatic tea latte at home with lots of tea flavour? Say bye to steeping 5 tea bags with half a cup of hot water to trying to get that bold tea flavour with our Tea Latte Beginner Set.

What will I discover in the Perfect Tea set?
– Our signature Stone-milled Tea Powder of your choice
– A 100-prong Handcrafted Bamboo Whisk
– A Ceramic Whisk Holder

Optional but great to include:
– The perfect measuring Stainless Steel TEA’spoon (because precision matters!) in sleek design and Matte Black
– A Vegan Leather Canvas Pouch to hold your teaspoon and daily trinkets. It comes with a waterproof inner lining making it ideal as a mask pouch as well!



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