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The Very Classic Set


This set is the staple for classic tea lovers who like all types of tea. The teas in this set are single-blend and harvested 100% in Taiwan, a nation that’s obsessed with and famous for tea.

This Very Classic set includes:

– Yuchi Black Tea 50g

– Jasmine Green Tea 50g

– Classic Earthy Oolong 50g

Yuchi Black Tea

– Yuchi Black Tea is medium bodied with a hint of fruity notes in its aroma and after taste. It used to be a royal tribute to Japanese emperors in the history of Taiwan

Jasmine Green Tea

– A classic jasmine green tea infused with real jasmine petals. No artificial or “natural” jasmine flavour, scent or essential oil. Our jasmine tea has a delightful bright floral note to it without the typical perfumey flavour

Classic Earthy Oolong

– A truly classic Taiwanese oolong tea that is lightly roasted with hints of nuts and cream. A comforting cup to accompany you in your morning routine.

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