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Winter Tea Garden Candle Gift Set | Limited Ed.


In stock

In stock

This holiday, embark on a sensory winter wonderland with our limited-edition Holiday Tea-Inspired Candle Gift Set – a collaboration with local talents Dory @bigbluetang, the creative artist and Jeannie @lovebyollie, the candle maker. Each Set includes:


  • Matcha Affogato Candle: A blend of matcha, vanilla, and oat – elegantly sweet.
  • White Tea Ispahan Candle: Delicate notes of rose, lychee, and white tea.
  • Oolong Whiskey Candle: A sophisticated blend of oak, whiskey, and bay leaf, infusing warmth.
  • Japanese Pine-needle Peppermint Tea 15g: A rare Japanese seasonal wellness blend, very rich in Vitamin C.
  • Christmas Card 2023 ed. by @colourdrunk x 1: An exclusive design by Dory, the talented artist, adding artistic elegance.
[ A multi-sensory celebration of winter ]
The symphony for your senses begins with hand-painted sleeves portraying vibrant tea gardens, unveiling the scent components in each aromatic candle. From the visual allure of the painted sleeves to the aromatic dance of hand-poured soy candles and the cozy, comforting pineneedle tea, this set allows you and your loved ones to truly immerse in an enchanting winter experience.



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