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Tips to Unlock the Fullest Tea Flavours While Baking
Since the launch of our baking tea powders, we've seen an abundance of scrumptious and unique tea-infused treats being explored! We've created this guide to help you make the most out of our tea powders, and leave you with a potent infusion of tea flavours.
Steeping 10 minutes



  • How to extract the most flavours from your tea powders:
    In order to allow the tea to release it's aroma and full potential, it is essential that you steep the tea in a liquid medium. Whether it is melted fat, water or whipping cream, allow the tea to steep between 5-10 minutes. This technique will allow the tea to release its flavours and develop its aroma.
    Remember to pre-steep your tea powders prior to adding it into your ingredients. Refrain from adding the tea powder directly into dry ingredients as it has not reached optimal potency.
  • Liquid temperature:
    When preparing the tea powder, ensure that the water/liquid temperature is hot and not boiling. We've found that 50-70 C is the sweet spot.
  • For cold recipes:
    Allow the prepared tea extract to steep for 8+ hours as it will yield better results such as a deeper flavour profile and an even infusion. This method offers a slower flavour extraction and requires extra time!


Keep in mind that our tea powders are made of freshly ground tea leaves! This means you’re consuming the tea leaves itself. Ensure adequate steeping time to allow the tea flavours to shine through, leaving your baked good with the strongest infusion of tea flavours.

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