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Enjoy the Early Taste of Summer with Thai Tea!

Savour the rich, creamy goodness of Chatramue Thai tea, and transport yourself to the tropics-no matter the season!

New | Natural Spicy Chai Powder

Elevate your senses in every sip with unparalleled warmth and flavor.

Fall in Love with Tea Lattes

explore our signature line of pure stone-milled tea powder created for creamy, aromatic, bold tea lattes you have been longing for

Reinventing tradition through innovation.

Innovation and creativity are at the heart of Paragon.
We bring a modern approach to the longstanding traditions of tea culture.

Paragon Tea Room | The Hojicha Powder Taster Trio

The Hojicha Powder Taster Trio

Explore how different environments contribute to the aroma and tasting notes of each Hojicha we offer

The Ultimate Tea Powder Discovery Kit

Infuse our line of Stone-milled Japanese Tea Powder into your favourite desserts

The Ultimate Tea Powder Discovery Kit
Paragon Tea Room
Paragon Tea Room | Vancouver Tea

In-store or Online

Visit our tea room or experience our teas from the comfort of your home.

Try a tea made by our innovative tea’spresso machines or zen out with a homemade tea latte at home anytime.
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