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Ceremonial Matcha

From: $28.95

Perfect tools for the smoothest tea lattes!

This Ceremonial Grade Matcha is the highest quality conventional Matcha with a fine texture. It is slightly grassy and not bitter even with no sweetener.

APPLICATION | Great for Matcha shots, tea, and lattes.

BACKGROUND | Other than the taste, aroma and the beautiful green hue, we chose this Matcha based on our appreciation of the ancient agricultural wisdom the farmers have for producing tea while preserving biodiversity in the region. Follow our IG for more stories about the unique farming practice – Chagusaba in Kakegawa, Shizuoka, Japan.


SHELF LIFE / STORAGE – 1 year (We import this Ceremonial Matcha from Japan every month & each batch is ground as we order to ensure freshness). Matcha is best stored within the resealable airtight pouch that comes with it, or any solid colour airtight container in a cool, dry condition. Ceremonial Matcha is best kept refrigerated when not in use.

SERVING SIZE | 30g makes about 10 x 12oz hot latte or 8 x 16oz iced latte; 100g makes about 33 x 12oz hot latte or 25 x 16oz iced latte


4 reviews for Ceremonial Matcha

  1. Helen Chu (verified owner)

    Love this ceremonial matcha powder! The color is so vibrant and beautiful, it’s quality stuff! I use this in my baking and it gives my pastries a beautiful shade of green. I also make lattes with this and the taste is aromatic, slightly grassy but never bitter!

  2. Saniya Deshmukh (verified owner)

    I love this matcha powder! It really doesn’t need any sweetener added and tastes good on its own, which makes it an easy choice for a mid-day drink. The powder colour is bright green and it smells great.

  3. Iris Wong (verified owner)

    One of my favourite ceremonial matcha powders in Vancouver! The colour is so beautiful and tastes great! I use this to make matcha lattes, iced and hot!

  4. Jamie Poon (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved how vibrant the colour was and how beautifully fine the powder turned out to be! Oooofff!!! The aroma is just amazing when the hot water hits the tea powder!!! It’s definitely quality stuff. One of the many happy purchases I’ve made with Paragon Tea Room!

    • Nelson & Michelle

      We adore your enthusiasm for our matcha! We’re that excited about it too. The aroma is divine! So glad you’re enjoying it!

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