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Genmaicha (Matcha Coated)

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Matcha-Coated Genmaicha, a cherished Japanese green tea blended with roasted brown rice and enhanced with pure Matcha powder. This special blend offers a bolder tea flavor and a rich green hue, with delightful nutty and ricey undertones for a cozy experience.It’s great as a warm cozy low-caffeine drink. Try this Recipe: Jump to Recipe

Don’t miss the revelation of its ricey notes when brewed cold. Perfect for Japanese tea enthusiasts seeking an authentic and comforting brew.


Genmaicha Cold Brew Recipe:

  • Put 17.5g of Genmaicha into 1L of filtered room-temperature water (or any quantity at the ratio of 17.5g/L)
  • Stir down the floating tea leaves to ensure all of them are “soaked” in water
  • Store the pitcher in the fridge for 15 to 20 hours
  • Strain out the tea leaves and enjoy the most elegant form of Iced Genmaicha.

P.S. The tea is good as is without ice cubes (or a minimal amount of ice) to avoid diluting it. Cold brewed tea can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.


2 reviews for Genmaicha (Matcha Coated)

  1. Julian Gan (verified owner)

    Refreshing! Toasted notes shine through nicely but balanced with the slight astringency of the matcha. Great as an accompaniment/palate cleanser to sushi.

  2. Shulamie Lee (verified owner)

    This tea is a favourite of the entire family! Definitely worth buying again or given as a gift.

    • Nelson & Michelle

      So happy that you like this one! We find it sooo cozy, especially on colder rainy days 🙂

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