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Hojicha Fever Set

This set is curated for people who are obsessed with Hojicha like we do! Enjoy this magical roasted green tea in three different ways.

This Hojicha Fever set includes:
– Organic Hojicha 50g ( Your choice of Amber, Bronze or Obsidian)
– Mango Hojicha 50g
– Hojicha Powder 50g

Organic Hojicha
– Hojicha is a pan-fried Japanese green tea that is pleasantly roasty and nutty. The roasting process removes majority of caffeine in the tea while giving it a unique nutty and toasty flavour

Mango Hojicha
– This Mango Hojicha is a twist of our popular classic Organic Hojicha with a strong mango aroma and a hit of sweet and tangy note from the dried fruit

Hojicha Powder
– Our line of Stone-milled Hojicha Powder make your Hojicha dream come true. It can be easily dissolved in water for making smooth and rich Hojicha Latte or Hojicha-infused pastries/ dessert! Choose from our 3 varieties of Hojicha Powder | Amber, Bronze or Obsidian based on your preference on taste profile.



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