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Hojicha Powder | Amber

For the smoothest tea latte experience!

Hojicha is a pan-fried Japanese green tea that is pleasantly roasty and nutty.

BACKGROUND | This stone-milled Hojicha Powder (Amber) is milled from top quality Hojicha using only first flush Sencha and Bancha. The tea plantations are located in mountainous area known for fresh water from Abe River in Shizuoka.

FLAVOUR | The powder can easily be dissolved in water for making smooth and rich Hojicha Latte with a delicate tea flavour and sweet after taste.


***50g makes about 15 cups of 12oz hot latte or 12 cups of 16oz iced latte***
***100g makes about 30 cups of 12oz hot latte or 24 cups of 16oz iced latte***



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