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Japanese Tea Flight


Zen-out through this collection of classic Japanese green tea. Each tea is 100% harvested in Shizuoka, the capital of tea in Japan.

This Way of Japanese Tea collection includes:
– Organic Hojicha Loose leaf 50g
– Organic Kukicha Loose Leaf 50g
– Genmaicha (Matcha Coated) Loose Leaf 50g

Organic Hojicha
– Hojicha is a pan-fried Japanese green tea that is pleasantly roasty and nutty. The roasting process removes majority of caffeine in the tea while giving it a unique nutty and toasty flavour

Organic Kukicha
– Made from twigs of premium organic sencha. It’s an aromatic Japanese green tea that is low in caffeine with a hint of natural sweetness

Genmaicha (Matcha Coated)
– Genmaicha is a popular Japanese green tea mixed with roasted brown rice. This particular Genmaicha that we chose for you is coated with pure Matcha powder to create a bolder tea flavour and rich green colour. It’s pleasantly nutty, ricey and cozy



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