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Japanese Tea Flight


Embark on a serene journey with our Japanese Tea Flight collection, sourced exclusively from the tea heartland of Japan, Shizuoka.

This set includes three exceptional teas:

  • Organic Hojicha 100g: A pan-fried Japanese green tea, with a delightful roasty and nutty character. The roasting process reduces caffeine while infusing a unique toasty flavor.
  • Organic Kukicha 50g: Crafted from premium organic sencha twigs, this Japanese green tea offers low caffeine content, a touch of natural sweetness, and a delightfully buttery finish.
  • Genmaicha (Matcha Coated) 50g: A beloved Japanese green tea blended with roasted brown rice, this variant features a coating of pure Matcha powder, enriching its flavor and color. Enjoy its nutty, ricey notes, whether hot or cold.

Elevate your tea experience and share the gift of serenity with our authentic Japanese Tea Flight collection, the perfect gift set for tea enthusiasts.


1 review for Japanese Tea Flight

  1. Tommy Lee (verified owner)

    Perfect sampler set to get a taste of these classic Japanese tea!

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