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Roasted Oolong Powder

From: $22.65

For the smoothest tea latte experience!

Are you fan of oolong or roasty tea and always wanting to turn that bold, roasty tea into a latte at home? This is one-of-a-kind charcoal smoked Taiwanese Oolong (Iron Goddess of Mercy, aka Tieguanyin) stone-milled into pure, fine tea powder.

FLAVOUR | The powder can easily be dissolved in water for making rich and creamy Oolong Latte with strong, aromatic, roasty notes. This is also great for baking!

STORAGE | To preserve the natural aroma in the tea powder, keep the tea in the sealed airtight bag in cool, dry conditions; best to be enjoyed within 2 months after opening.


***50g makes about 15 cups of 12oz hot latte or 11 cups of 16oz iced latte***
***100g makes about 30 cups of 12oz hot latte or 22 cups of 16oz iced latte***



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