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There’s a difference between sightseeing and truly experiencing a culture or tradition. True appreciation is made easier by a multisensory experience in which you dive in with consciousness and conviction. Then you will feel it coursing through your veins and nourishing your soul.

We created Paragon Tea Room (at 3361 Cambie Street in Vancouver) to be a meeting place, a hub for different cultures, ideas and ways of thinking. A place where people can create meaningful connections through tea and conversation. We also offer outstanding teas for sale at our online shop, enabling you to experiment and experience flavours from all over the world. Enjoy tea time at our tea room or in your own home café whenever you want a mini mental getaway.

One of the ways we’re innovating is through the use of a Tea’spresso machine in our shop, which is designed to imitate the traditional method of brewing tea. Its precise infusion cycle creates a consistently exceptional cup of tea every single time.

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