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[ BLACK FRIDAY SALE ] Week of Loose Leaf Tea

Nov 1-6 | Save up to 50% Off Loose Leaf Teas & Tea Sets + BOGO Deals

A Matcha for every occasion

Whisk up your favourite treats with smooth Ceremonial Matcha or flavourful Baking Matcha

Effortless taste, richness and depth found in Stone-milled Tea Powders

Serving the perfect tea latte within the comfort of your own home.


Refreshing Hojicha Ice Cubes

Refreshing Hojicha Ice Cubes Gone are the days of a watered down tea latte. These...

Matcha Latte ft. Salted Cream Foam

Matcha Donut Latte ft. Salted Cream Foam Take your matcha latte to next level with a Korean inspired twist! Our home-cafe version of the popular salted cream foam offers a unique flavour and adorable aesthetics. Hand-held milk frotherSmall mixing bowlMeasuring...
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